Site content: Investments in the district

For the last 3 years Golub-Dobrzyń's district entirely changed its visage. The district had transfered a lot of funds to refinance different investment assignments such as : district roads, in schools, in units of organization subordinated to the Starostwo of Golub-Dobrzyń, district services, inspections and departments, to repair, buy equipment etc.

There has been a rebuilt of the communication system of distric road number 2130 C Dulsk + Obory + Stary Kobrzyniec and commune road number 110505 Ruże - Zbójenko connected with the provincial road number 556 Ostrowite-Zbójno lenght: 9,149 km (2009 year - 3.134.820,00), also district road number 2121 C Ciechocin-Świętosław length 7,373 km (2009 year - 3.991.446,00).

The bituminous surface was repaired by making asphalt patches on sections of the district roads with the length of 3,9 km (2009 year - 833.464,39), the bridge JNI 01016497 on the Ruziec River was rebuilt along with the road surface 2037 C Dobrzejewice-Mazowsze length 3,921 km (2009 year - 1.947.734,00).

The reconstruction of the communication system of district road number 2130 C Dulsk + Obory + Stary Kobrzyniec. The investition was co-finance with The National Local Road Rebuilt 2008-2012 Programme, Together with commune - Zbójno.

In year 2008 the land was bought for the purpose of building a roundabout in Wielkie Rychnowo (2008 year - 10.000,00), reconstuction of the bridge with the communication system of the district road in Wielkie Rychnowo length : 0,962 km (2008 year - 1.271.885,40), a new communication system was built in Wielgie (2008 year - 764.486,80), and the bituminous surfaces were repaired by making asphalt patches on sections of the district roads in Małszyce, Łukaszewo, Gajewo, Skępsk, Dulsk, Leśno, Rętwiny, Chełmonie length 2210 mb (2008 year - 496.469,87). New specialistic equipment was bought such as : a rotary mower (2008 year - 25.000,00), a car (2008 year - 79.300,00), a Scania truck and a Garbage truck  (2008 year - 350.000,00) and a emulsion reservoir (2008 year - 90.000,00).

In year 2007 the road Golub-Dobrzyń - Radomin length 2,582 km (2007 year - 1.314.191,27) was modernize and the district road number 2116 C Wrocki-Radziki Duże length 3,13 km (2007 year - 1.094.573,25) was rebuilt. New road repair equipment was bought such as : a backhoe loader 350.000,00; a garbage truck 150.000,00 and a Scania Truck (HDS type) for 70.000,00.

The situation does not look so bad when it comes to investments made in schools and in units subordinated to the Golub-Dobrzyń's District. In The General Education School of Anna Vasa number 1 in Golub-Dobrzyń in year 2009 a new sport field with grandstands was built (about 570.000,00) and the project documentation was prepared (about 25.000,00). A lot of repair-works were made such as : new elevation was done on the school building, the roof was repaired and the lightning installation was replaiced. A superstructure of the school building was made (about 520.000,00). In year 2008 The General Education School number 2 in Golub-Dobrzyń bought a car for driving practice (about 47.000,00).

In year 2009 a car to transport handicapped people was bought, thanks to funds from PFRON for about 120.000,00. Also land for building a new school base (about 300.000,00) was bought, geological studies were made (about 6.100,00) project documentation was prepared for this undertaking (about 100.000,00).

In The General Education High School of Lech Wałęsa in Kowalewo Pomorskie in year 2008 the coal boiler room was replaced by a gas installation in the school workshops. However in year 2009 a gas boiler room was made in the small dormitory building. Termo-modernization was made in workshop buildings and gymnasium (about 300.000,00), the administration building was repaired in the workshops changing them into didactic classrooms and new school furniture and equipment was bought.

In The Special School-Educational Centre in Wielgie in year 2007 the gymnasium was repaired (about 44.000,00) and the CO boiler was replaced (about 11.000,00). Next year another building from the Centre was modernized. The roof was replaced, the building was insulated and the rooms were repaired and repainted (about 240.000,00). Thanks to donation from the Polon Alfa Company new firealarm system was installed. In year 2009 the funds were used to buy technical equipment (about 10.000,00). In Wielgie in year 2009 the water-sewer management was arranged.

In another organizational unit - The House of Social Help in Golub-Dobrzyń - in the following year according to The House of Social Help standards, the building was modernize by adding a hall, designed as a hall for rehabilitation and activitie therapies, the bathrooms were rebuilt, the buildings water-drain intallation was also repaired, the kitchen rooms were renovated and also the CO boiler and electric-water warming system was replaced by a stove (about 96.000,00). The architectonic barriers were removed and replaced by a "stair-walker". 

In the District Work Office in Golub-Dobrzyń in year 2008 the funds were destined on building a institution file (about 91.000,00), however in year 2009 the roof was rebuilt on the departments building and also the electric installation was replaced (about 15.000,00).

Most of the financial funds were inwested in The District Fire Department State Headquarters. In year 2008 Golub-Dobrzyń's district together with the communes and Kujawsko-Pomorski's Voivode co-financed the purchase of special equipment (about 1.600.000,00). The purchase of the "fantom" car was also co-financed (about 5.000,00).

In The Distric Police Headquarters in Golub-Dobrzyń in year 2009 the funds were portioned for the revovation of the building (10.000,00) and specialistic equipment was refinanced (about 9.000,00). However in Kowalewo-Pomorskie's Police building the roof cover was replaced (about 110.000,00). The district participated in In The Distric Police Headquarters in Golub-Dobrzyń building renovation costs. The investment was refinance with the total number of 10 000 zł.

In The Golub-Dobrzyń's District building on Dr J. G. Koppa 1A Street in years 2008-2009 the roof cover was replaced together with the thunder-installation, the rain-pipes and release pipes (about 35.000,00) and also renovation and painting of the building was done. In year 2009 an elevator was installed (about 150.000,00).

In The Districts Geodesyand & Cartography Documentation Center in Golub-Dobrzyń, new office and computer equipment was purchase (about 110.000,00) and a car (about 80.000,00). The District Starostwo in Golub-Dobrzyń participated also in the renovation costs of the administration building on Plac Tysiąclecia 25 Street (year 2008 – about 97.000,00 and year 2009 – about 84.000,00) and also the window and door woodwork was done (about 48.000,00). The office rooms were also renovated such as : the offices were repainted, the floor was scrapped, the lightning and furniture were replaced.