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 In the area of golub-dobrzyń's district there are 23 functioning primary schools (21 are subordinate to the commune government, 2 are subordinate to public organizations and associations) to which attends 3681 students, 3 profile high schools for young people, 2 above-junior high technical schools, high school and technical schools for adults and a Special School-Educational Center and a Psychological-Pedagogy Clinic. The total number of students in the schools that are subordinated to the golub-dobrzyń's district is 2245 (information for 31.10.2007 year). Significant success in the young people education can boast The General Education High School of Anna Vasa in Golub-Dobrzyń, composed of a General Education High School, Profile High School, Part-Time After-High School Technical Department and a Junior High. 

  • The General Education High School of Anna Vasa in Golub-Dobrzyń
    The General Education High School of Anna Vasa in Golub-Dobrzyń
  • The Astrobase
    The Astrobase
  • The General Education High School of Anna Vasa in Golub-Dobrzyń
    The General Education High School of Anna Vasa in Golub-Dobrzyń

Among graduate high school students are professors from UMK in Toruń, University of Gdańsk, Medical Academy in Poznań and Szczecin, AGH in Krakow and also lecturers all type of foreign universities. Young people in an active way take part in sport competitions, contests and cultural events. To the biggest achievements from the past years we can numerate winning the first place in the provincial "History of the Locality" competition in 1991. Participation in the finale of the competition "Knowladge about Poland and the Modern World" in 1996 and second place in the same competition in 1999. Before Poland entered the UE on the site of the school there were discussions about : "for and against to the United Europe" with the province schools, the guests were ex-parliamentarians, scientists and government activists. For many years the school runs a foreign exchange student programe with the Netherlands and Lithuania. In school year 2000/2001 a student of that school was the Speaker of the Child and Youth Sejm.

  • Agricultural School in Golub-Dobrzyń
    Agricultural School in Golub-Dobrzyń

Second high school in Golub-Dobrzyń is the Agricultural School. It's composed of  technical school, profile high school, complementary technical and elemental technical school. Many graduate students finished agricultural studies, others run perfectly their farms in the district area. Students take part in regional and national competitions like "Agricultural Knowledge and Skills". In Kowalewo Pomroskie - second town in the distric - from year 1978 there functions a school wich is composed of a technical school, elemental technical school, high school and technical school based on a system of evening and part-time studies and a part-time after highschool technical department with the specialities of accountancy technician and programmer technician. School is well equipped in audio-video hardware and workshops.

Cultural activity in the district is developing rapidly thanks to cultural centers in Golub-Dobrzyń, Szafarnia, Kowalewo Pomorskie. Some of them in a permanent way entered the cultural-entertainment event calendar, attracting tourists not only from Poland.

  • International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Concert, photo: Bartosz Siedlarski
    International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Concert, photo: Bartosz Siedlarski

The true magnet that attracts tourists to Golub-Dobrzyń are The National Knight Tournaments organized by the local Knight Fraternity. For many years the best teams from the whole Europe paticipate in it . Many times they guested knights from Italy, France, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.

  • The National Knight Tournaments at the Golub castle, photo: Bartosz Siedlarski
    The National Knight Tournaments at the Golub castle, photo: Bartosz Siedlarski

In the castleyard there are organized also cross-bow tournaments (such as : rank of  the polish championships). In the famous castle not only knights meet but also participants of the International Oratorical Competitions for Guides and Oratorical Competitions for Young People. The castleyard is also a place popular for its open air theatrical performances. Young learners of the knight craft can train their skills in the local Knights School. An organize unit that focuses the cultural life in Golub-Dobrzyń is the Sport and Rectreation Center. It runs classes with children and young people in the field of music, art, theatre and dance.

To the improtant periodic events organized in the cultural center are : All-polish Chess Night -  in year 2013 there has been the XXI edition of this event. 100 chess players participated in it including the top national leaders. The North Poland Senior Chorus Review. Children and Youth Art Work Review. Musical Confrontations, District Harvest-thanksgiving. During the summer season there is many open air events organized in wchich the most interesting are "Golub-Dobrzyń's Days" and "Middle-Class Revels".

In the buildnig on Hallera Street, take place art and photographic exibitions. For the youngest there are many projects organized, conected with : ecology (art and photographic contests); folk (best Nativity Scene contest). The Town-Comunne Cultural Center in Kowalewo Pomorskie organizes periodic series of cultural-entertainment events of the region, all-polish and international range. Most important are : All-polish street race and roller skates race, International Chess Tournament, Diocesan Religious Songs Festival, Carols and Pastorales District Review, Kowalewo Pomorskie's Days. Next to the Cultural Center there functions also a concert band and a female chorus "Mezzavoce".

The Town and District Public Library exists from 1948 year and its the oldes cultural office in the town. It has a rich book collection, which counts about 53 thousand items. The office organizes popular-science sessions, exibitions, meetings with interesting people. Next to the branch office there functions a little child theatre and there is a newspaper publicated and edited by children. From year 2003 during holidays and winter breaks there are organized classes conected with education and prophylaxis for children and young people.

  • The children's folk band "Ciechowiacy"
    The children's folk band "Ciechowiacy"

With the Golub-Dobrzyń's cultural life are particulary conected : Jan Jagodziński - poet -chronicler, writing down in his poems important cultural events, patriotic and religious towns, a long term public activist, animator in the senior cultural circle; Irena Muller - for 26 years lady president of The Polish Department of Retiree, Pensioner and Handicapped Union - public activist organizing many creative amateur exibitions (paper cut-out exibitions, old photographies and postcards presenting Golub-Dobrzyń and the region). Huge activity show functioning in Golub - Dobrzyń : chorus and amateur music bands. Most known is chorus "Halka" functioning incessantly for 18 years, winner of many awards in The National and Provincial Festivals. It refers to the same chorus that functioned in Golub-Dobrzyń during the Prussian Partition.

Located near Golub - Dobrzyń, Szafarnia functions the only in region, one of two in Poland Chopin's Centers. Here are orginized the only in Europe International Pianistic Competitions for Children and Young People. There are also organized : concersts, literary and art contests, modern art exibitions and Fryderyk Chopen's Knowledge Contests.

Sport activity in Golub - Dobrzyń is developed by the MKS "Drwęca" club. It unites football players and chess players and it can boast with huge sport traditions that reache the 20s of the XX century. Next to the Kultural and Sport Center there functions a cycling section organizing many region and All-polish races. Practising runs is very popular. There are organized by the runners club "Rytm" managed by Jerzy Nadolski. To the most known are : "Golub - Dobrzyń's Grand Prix", "Solidarity Run", "New Year's Eve Eun". More than half of century activity can boast Kowalewo's club "Promień", wich its football team plays in the regional league and chess section.